PickUp.ro has obtained the ECOVADIS SILVER classification for sustainability.

This ranking places Pickup.ro in the top 25% companies for sustainability.

Pickup.ro contributes to the development of a sustainable environment and has received theSilver Certificate for Social Responsibility.

Silver certification was awarded in recognition of Pick-up.ro initiatives on environmental protection, labor and human rights, professional ethics, defining the company's vision to create a sustainable business environment in the long term.

It is more important than ever to successfully address the changes that occur in the volatile and complex landscape of the global business environment. Everything that happens to OUR PLANET influences our personal and professional lives, and so we cannot remain indifferent. We are aware of the impact Pick-up.ro has on the environment, which is why we act responsibly to create a more sustainable future.

Technology helps us continuously seek solutions to improve the efficiency and performance of our services. This is evident by the certifications held: TÜV, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2015 and R.A.R. We know which accessories fit on each car model and can provide reliable advice.

Since 2017 we have implemented an integrated quality management system, obtaining from TUV Austria the certificates: ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system respectively ISO 45001:2015 Health management system and Occupational safety. All this only testifies to the reputation gained over time in the field of import, production and marketing of accessories for pick up, 4X4 and SUV cars.

Through the Silver certification obtained from EcoVadis, our customers are assured that Pick-up.ro takes all available measures to develop sustainable actions step by step.

“Companies are constantly facing challenges. Whether it's new technologies, new legal regulations or new trends, the ability to change and adapt is put to the test day by day. We invest both financial and human resources to keep pace with the rapid development of technology and develop more resilient products and business partnerships, taking into account their impact on the environment and society.

We believe that progress is always possible, especially if it is made in a responsible way and we are committed to delivering high standards of sustainability!

David Szabolcs-Attila, CEO