Hereare the key reasons why we are the best partners when it comes to quality pick-up accessories:

1. Experience says its word

1. Experience says its word

Accessorizing pick up, 4x4 and off road cars is what we have been doing for more than 17 years. We know how much you want to use the vans to their true potential and make sure that we offer you the right equipment for every need. From hardtops, dump closures, dump trim, bars and bulbars, to auxiliary accessories, winch or winter equipment (salt and snow plough), we customize the machines according to customer preferences.

We continuously invest in training our people and new technologies that give us a significant advantage over the competition.

Our customers' feedbacks can be found by accessing the recommendations section and their equipped machines in the PORTOFOLIOmenu.

2. We are driven by technology and experts

Technology helps us continuously seek solutions to improve the efficiency and performance of our services. This is evident by the certifications held: TÜV, ISO9001, E and R.A.R. We know which accessories fit on each car model and can provide reliable advice.

Since 2017 we have implemented an integrated quality management system, obtaining from TUV Austria the certificates: ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001:2015 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and ISO 9001:2015 Certificate Quality management system. All this only testifies to the reputation gained over time in the field of import, production and marketing of accessories for pick up, 4X4 and SUV cars.

3. Small enough to care, big enough to solve any problem

We respond quickly to any questions from our customers and make sure that you are informed about what happens to your pick-up from the moment it is in our service.

Our team is really passionate about this field and treats every stage of the bidding process with professionalism.

Regardless of the challenge, we find solutions for any type of accessory for pick-ups, SUVs and 4X4 cars.

4. Specialists — whose opinion matters and creative solutions

We have dedicated teams of specialists who provide quality services and advice, from the sales department to the service. We treat every situation as unique and regardless of the challenges we face, we have the skills and expertise to find solutions. What really sets us apart is that we don't say 'no' to challenges and we always find innovative ways to increase the efficiency of your vehicles.

5. Safety comes first

We always seek to improve the services we offer — from finding innovative products that protect customer interests, to developing new management procedures included in our services. We carry out all the tests and obtain all the necessary certifications to guarantee the safety of our products. Thanks to the built-in technical innovations and the trusted partners we work with, the pick-up accessories we sell are very secure.

6. We add value, no complications

Our prices are competitive and fair. No surprise bills. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be approved in advance by you. A reliable product can save money, time and an accessorized machine is a cost-effective investment if we relate to the modes of use and increased efficiency. Our portfolio includes top manufacturers as well as complex top quality services. We treat our customers the same way we want to be treated as well.

7. We have international reputation

The knowledge and understanding of the automotive accessories market helped to form an outstanding portfolio, a strategy for development and modernization, and thus the reputation of has reached beyond the borders of the country. We are present in over 15 countries, having among our partners important car dealerships such as: Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, VW, Ford, Isuzu.

8. We are accessible

We have two locations/warehouses with active stocks and we are located in Corunca, Jud. Mureș, an area of Transylvania transited by many tourists and businessmen.

9. We always take the market “pulse”

Throughout the year, we keep our customers up to date with regular email news updates, various reports and research guides, and through our regular blog articles on the site. This means that you can easily take advantage of the top of the latest accessories that appeared on the market.

10. Manufacturer and direct importer

We are TIER 1 manufacturer/ supplier in the automotive field, manufacturing OEM and AM products, with two large sites of 267,000 sqm respectively 70,600 sqm.

If the 10 reasons convinced you that PickUp is your ideal partner, contact us here